We provide turnkey prefabricated solutions for mining, construction and residential projects. Typical AMS construction contracts provide large scale, high volume modular project solutions to a broad, innovative and flexible range of product specifications.

We employ in-house engineers, often with third party independent engineers as backup. This gives reliability in research & development, our designs and manufacturing. This allows all of our employees to be kept informed of the latest BCA changes in a timely manner.

Steel Fabrication

Aussie Modular Solutions own an in-house specialized roll forming machine for the manufacturing of their steel wall and roof framing components. This gives in-house design capabilities which far surpasses our competitors.

In remote and regional areas, escalating construction costs and acute labour shortages are leading to major delays in developing new housing complexes. Our solution removes much of the problem by building your home or accommodation facility at our state of the art facilities in Perth. We simply ship the complete package ready built to any location.